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  • Why Should I Choose Airdog X5 Instead of Traditional HEPA Air Purifiers?
    Airdog X5 is the state of art filtration technology. It has been researched and studied over the past twenty years by many renowned scientists and researchers. It is capable of: Filtering ultra-fine particles down to 14.6nm: far beyond 0.3microns of traditional HEPA; Destroys and Collects: The high electrical field inside Airdog kills all bacteria and viruses, which is different from HEPA with mold/bacteria growing on filters; Non-consumable collecting plates: simply wash and reuse! No more spending on expensive HEPA filters; Quiet operation: Airdog is whisper quiet during sleep mode as its collecting plates have much lower flow resistance as compared with HEPA filters; Environmental green and energy saving solutions. Removes most dangerous nanosize air polutants 20 times smaller than HEPA 0.3m
  • Why Is It Important To Filter The Ultra Fine Particles?
    The human body can only prevent larger particles > 10µm (micrometre); smaller particles can break the guard and enter the body, even depositing on the vascular walls. So it is much more important to have ultra-fine particles eliminated. Airdog X5 deals successfully with ultra-fine particles>14.6nm (nanometre)and purifies the air by killing bacteria/viruses and collecting airborne particles. Traditional HEPA air purifiers only filtrate particles > 0.3µm and leave all kinds of particles on the filters. Airdog X5 avoids mildew and bacteria problem perfectly while traditional air purifiers could cause secondary pollution by sending out air with mold/bacteria still stored in the machine! All kinds of particles accumulate on a HEPA, actually turning the filter into a warm bed for bacteria and mold with suitable temperature and humidity! Most HEPA's performance will diminish over time.
  • Does Airdog X5 Remove Volatile Gases, Such As Formaldehyde, Benzene, Etc.?
    Yes, Airdog X5 can decompose many volatile gases (Formaldehyde, Benzene etc.) into natural air ingredients such as CO2 and H2O. It is achieved by two principles: the high voltage electrical field generates strong plasma and hydro-radical cells, which acts as strong oxidation agents to decompose the carbon bond of volatile gases.
  • I Am Concerned About The Product Safety, May I Know More Details?
    Airdog X5 is built around a Safety 1st motto! We have implemented the following: Smart control: The “smart electronics” control circuit continually monitors the current and voltage levels, and suppresses them whenever there’s any abnormal situation; Anti-fire: Airdog X5 is manufactured with the highest V0-grade fire retardant plastics housing; Child lock: It prevents improper operations when children are playing around it; International reputable third-party verification: Airdog X5 has passed safety test requirements including but not limited to CE, FCC, CQC etc.
  • Airdog X5 Uses High Voltage Inside, Is It Safe For Home Use?
    Airdog X5 uses an advanced electronic design built around safety. The power consumption of Airdog is equivalent to a small light bulb. It has high voltage inside but very low current in the order of micro-amps. The high voltage runs on direct current to avoid any possible electronic perturbation.
  • Is Airdog X5 Energy-Saving And Eco-Friendly?
    We designed and manufactured Airdog X5 complying to Energy Star Rating. We are on our way to obtaining the certificate. Airdog X5 is an Eco-friendly product because it uses non-consumable collecting plates instead of producing fiberglass waste, which is the main material of HEPA, and others.
  • Does Owning An Airdog X5 Require Any Maintenance Fees?
    Airdog X5 is a cost effective and environmental green solution. Collecting plates in Airdog X5 is washable and reusable, so no more spending on HEPA filters and others. Composite catalyst gauze is reusable, you may put it directly under the sunlight for 1~2 hours to refresh it. However, some customers might be very sensitive to any smell and might have to change the composite catalyst layer every 6-24 months to refresh the smell. The cost of the catalyst layer is only a small fraction of the cost of HEPA. To replace the catalyst layer, please contact your sales resource where you bought Airdog X5.
  • How Do I Know That My Air Purifier Is Cleaning The Air?
    The best part of Airdog X5 air purifier is that you could see the effect by your own eyes! You will notice the AQI (Air Quality Index) number decreasing when the air purifier is on. Also, after using X5 for a week, you can actually see many of the pollutants absorbed on the collecting plates when you take the plates out of X5 to clean.
  • What Is The Number Displayed On Airdog X5 And What Does It Mean?
    The number displayed on Airdog is called Air Quality Index (AQI). It was developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to report air quality. The AQI is divided into six categories, indicating increasing levels of health concern. The displayed AQI on Airdog X5 is calculated based on the infrared sensor embedded in the unit, which measures the number of particles in a restricted air volume. This number can fluctuate according to the air flow velocity, position and ambient air condition. Thus it is a good reference for you to know the ambient indoor air quality.
  • Why Is The AQI Display Abnormal On The LCD Screen? It Displays, “-C-” Or “9XX” Instead Of Digits?
    Display of “-C-” means it is time to do a cleaning. The “9XX” is an electronics abnormal signal. Please unplug the unit and do a full clean cycle and restart. If the “9XX” still exists, please contact customer service for further instructions.
  • Why Isn't The AQI Display Changing Numbers?
    The dust accumulated on the sensor could cause insensitivity of sensors. Please clean the sensor with a dry cloth or a cotton swab with alcohol.
  • I Heard A “Cracking” Or “Zapping” Noise Inside The Unit - Is That Normal?
    The occasional “zapping” or “cracking” is normal when the bigger particles enter the air purifier, being zapped by the high voltage, similar to when a bug zapper traps a bug. However, if the “cracking” or “zapping” noise is constant, you should clean the unit and make sure that all parts in the unit are fully dried after you clean the unit. 80% of the noise issues are caused by dust accumulation on the collecting plates and/or inner chamber, or by wet collecting plates. Normally a full clean cycle will take care of this all.
  • When Should I Do A Full Cleaning Cycle?
    When “-C-” is on the display screen. “9XX” appears on the display screen even after cleaning the collecting plates. Cracking sounds still exist after cleaning the collecting plates. The unit shuts down and restarts automatically. Note: Please refer to the “Full cleaning cycle” section in the user manual for details.
  • Can I Clean My Airdog X5 By Putting The Whole Unit In The Dishwasher?
    You should not put the whole Airdog X5 unit into the dishwasher! Only the collecting plates is OK to be washed by a full wash cycle. Please make sure the collecting plates unit is fully dried before putting it back into your Airdog X5. There could be water residue inside of the collecting plates even after the drying cycle sometimes, so make sure to take the time to fully dry them.
  • How Can I Confirm That The Collecting Plates are Fully Dried?
    Please put the collecting plates in a dry space for at least 24 hrs. You may put tissues or a paper towel under the collecting plates to check if it is fully dried.
  • Why Does My Airdog X5 Begin To Make Noise Or Restart After A Full Cleaning Cycle?
    Please make sure that all parts are dried fully. Please make sure that the contact pin goes through the small hole in the rubber sleeve (as shown in pictures below) when you are assembling the unit. (Contact pin is exposed after taking out the generating electrode.)
  • How To Remove The "-C-" On The Display Screen After The Unit Is Cleaned?
    Press and hold" Reset" on Remote Control for 6 seconds.
  • Why Does The Airdog App Connection Fail?
    Airdog App does not support IPv6 network environment. Make sure your Wi-Fi is in 2.4GHz. The home Wi-Fi environment could be complicated. To verify if the smart control system is functional or not, you could use the hotspot on another phone instead of the home Wi-Fi to make a connection. The hotspot could simplify connection complexity and verify the hardware function. We have finished the App and server migration. Please double check the label on the back of the unit, if it is a green matrix code, you are good to download the “Airdog Pro”App and connect. If it is a blue matrix code, please check whether your firmware is upgraded or not.
  • How Does SafeAir™ Mini Work?
    The new and improved SafeAir™ Mini Purifier was designed as a compact, portable, and affordable way to create a cleaner indoor environment. SafeAir™ Mini uses micro technology to restores stale, polluted air by electronically producing purifying properties, similar to those found in nature. By simply plugging it in and turning it on, SafeAir™ Mini takes the stale, polluted air from your space and re-energizes it with healthy air elements. This energized air is then dispersed back into your space, putting the generated elements to work. These elements not only help to destroy odors, but also cause microscopic particles, such as dust and dander to "fall" from the air, effectively reducing the level of pollutants in the air we breathe.
  • How Does SafeAir™ Relate to Nature?
    If you've ever taken a walk outside in nature, then you're probably familiar with the "Ahhh, Fresh Air" feeling. Even through years of industrial pollution, chemical emissions, increased pollen levels, and catastrophic events like wildfires, Mother Nature has a unique process that uses the power of the sun and wind to add energized elements to the environment. These elements actively latch onto airborne pollutants to break them down and alter them to a much cleaner state. SafeAir™ technology mimics this natural process in an efficient, compact design for your indoor spaces. Each SafeAir™ unit dispenses electronically generated elements, just like those in nature, throughout the room to give the indoor air a fresh, energized feeling - with no chemicals required! So take a deep breath, and enjoy nature's purification with SafeAir™ Mini!
  • What are the Benefits of SafeAir™ Technology?
    By harnessing the power of micro-technology SafeAir technology replicates the production of natural, fresh air air using super oxygen ions to restores indoor polluted air to natures freshness. SafeAir™ virtually scrubs your indoor air clean of floating particulate while destroying volatile organic compounds with cleansing elements. Imagine never needing to step outside for breath of fresh air again! Easy to Use. Just Plug In, Power on and Purify! Effective. Works rapidly to purify indoor spaces up to 500 Square Feet in a matter of minutes. Powerful. Attacks stubborn odors, allergens and mold from indoor air, furniture and fabrics. Portable. Fits in the palm of your hand like a smartphone and easily packs into purses and backpacks. Versatile. Use SafeAir Mini like a traditional plug-in, or use the included USB cord for on-the-go!
  • Is SafeAir™ Better Than HEPA, and Why?
    Unlike bulky and costly HEPA systems, SafeAir™ Mini doesn’t use or require filters because they are limiting and can release the same pollutants back into the air. SafeAir™ Technology is a proactive technology system completely different passive filtered systems like that with outdated HEPA devices. Proactive means it saturates the air continuously to destroy pollutants and restore natural freshness. No filters, no chemicals, and no hassle required!
  • What Industries Use SafeAir™ Technology?
    Similar technology has been used for decades in the medical field, industrial food production, water purification and much more. SafeAir™ Mini was designed as a compact way to enjoy this powerful purification technology at home and on-the-go - and at a much more affordable cost!
  • When Do I Need to Change the Filter?
    Good News - You don't! With SafeAir™ Mini, there are no filters required! Filters can be counteractive as they can often release pollutants back into the air. SafeAir™ Mini uses reactive technology to allow for indoor purification up to 500 Square Feet without the use of filters or cartridges. Expert Suggestion - To extend the life of your SafeAir Mini, please check the fan opening in the back of the unit and the air outlets on the front of the unit to keep it clear of dust, hair or debris.
  • Is This Product Safe for My Family and Pets?
    Just like breathing in fresh air outdoors, SafeAir™ Mini was designed with your health in mind and is completely safe for use around children and pets. We've included new smart touch control to provide 3 safe levels of controlled purification elements depending on your room size. SafeAir™ Mini is an electronic device. Please do not allow small children to tamper with SafeAir™ Mini.
  • Can SafeAir™ Mini Remove Viruses?
    For decades, scientists have established solid conclusions that nature's powered air destroys all known microbicidal impurities such as viruses and germs. Using advanced micro-technology, SafeAir™ Mini produces activated oxygen and ions to restore indoor air and sweep your space of particulates while destroying volatile organic compounds.
  • What is the Expected Lifespan of SafeAir™ Mini?
    Ultimately, the life of SafeAir™ Mini will depend on the air quality in the space where it is used. However, SafeAir™ Mini is now equipped with controlled time settings to keep your unit from overheating, thus extending the life of the unit so you can continuously enjoy its benefits throughout your entire home.
  • How does your “Active Air Technology” produce nature’s cleansing powers for indoor air?
    We all know nature does not use filters in the sky to purify the Earth's atmosphere, right? Nature uses thunderstorms, rain, lightning, and waterfalls, the earth's ultimate air cleansers. My upgraded MINI like your iPhone is super small but super powerful by our team using micro-technology to restore natures air indoors. It continuously saturates the air and surfaces with super oxygen molecules guaranteed to inactivate infectious viruses, germs, smoke even black mold. Super oxygen molecules work like missiles to destroy air pollution and the worst odors. Our upgraded Mini also produces negative ions to sweep the air free of floating particulate like dust, per dander, and dead skin. These super ions are also known as nature's essential vitamins. They produce a low voltage charge that powers our body’s low voltage electrical system for optimal brain function. My Active Air Technology mimics nature to provide the optimal odor-free healthy air indoors like living outdoors for healthier living.
  • Julius how does “Active Air Technology” transform polluted air into nature’s fresh healthy air indoors?
    Isn’t it true that in the beginning all humans were created to live and thrive in fresh outdoor air. Indoor air pollution problems surge started in the 60s when we sealed out fresh air to save energy. Sealed homes became “sick homes” causing a surge in allergies, asthma, sleep apnea, fatigue even cancer. Today most of us spend 90% of our lives breathing 2,800 gallons of polluted air every day since we spend 90%of our lives indoors. My Natures Air MINI is designed to restore nature’s fresh air elements indoors “continuously” by electronically reproducing fresh air elements indoors.
  • Why is your SafeAir™ MINI superior to all HEPA and filtration-only air purifiers?
    Nature does not have filters to clean the air in the sky, right? I think most would agree that nature is the world’s most effective air purifier, right? Like a rainstorm or thunderstorm, my MINI does not require filters like those big HEPA air purifiers. By mimicking Nature’s method of air restoration my MINI saturates the air with both super oxygen and negative ions. Like nature, my Mini generates millions of guided missiles to destroy pollutants on contact. No pollution can hide, it even removes embedded odors from furnishings, drapes, clothing, carpet, and more.
  • How does your MINI compare to your original Living Natures Purifier that sold for $600?
    My new micro-MINI purifier is designed to be just as effective “but” cost much less.. Our goal was to scale it to make it super affordable using microtechnology. Our R&D team used micro-technology like an iPhone to slash the cost. My MINI is now super affordable for virtually anybody wanting to purify spaces up to 500sq.ft.
  • How do super oxygen and negative ions work to cleanse our breathing air from both VOC & particulate as well as destroy odors and inactivate infectious viruses and mold?
    Like nature’s purification process super oxygen or controlled levels of ozone is guaranteed to destroy dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds by oxidation transforming these dangerous pollutants into safe harmless CO2, water vapor, and ash. Like nature, my MINI “also generates negative ions that sweep the air of floating particulates (allergens) by adding a negative charge like in nature to drop floating particulate harmlessly out of your breathing space. Negative ions are also known as air essential air vitamins, known to improve mental alertness.
  • How does the Safeair™ warranty compare to other purifiers? Is there a no-risk trial?
    To demonstrate our confidence we include a two year warranty and 60 days no risk trial period. It’s the longest warranty for any Mini air purifier we know of.
  • Is SafeAir™ MINI the first purifier to use super oxygen ions to disinfect and cleanse indoor air?
    No. Super oxygen generators, originally invented by Nicholas TESLA over 100 years ago, are scientifically proven as the most powerful sanitizer for air + surfaces. Super oxygen generators and negative ion generators have been used by hospitals in operating rooms to sanitize instruments, and the food and water industry to sanitize water, food, and surfaces for decades! These super oxygen generators were extremely large and expensive. Using modern micro-technology, we developed my micro-sized SafeAir™ MINI to produce controlled safe levels of active oxygen and ions without losing their efficiencies. Like your iPhone you can take it with you everywhere and is now designed so it can be used in your car, boat, motor home, and your hotel room. With our new USB cable, we can remove embedded odors from closets, gym bags, sofas, carpets, shoes, boots, and even clothing.
  • How can SafeAir™ MINI produce enough cleansing power from such a miniaturized unit?
    Like an iPhone is designed to produce super volumes of oxygen ions with micro-sized powered generators. Micro-technology is used to make smartphones as well as to make small devices more powerful than large ones. In today’s world, the larger is not necessarily better. More expensive does not necessarily mean better. It even removes 100 pollutants a 20lb HEPA cannot.
  • Why is World War 11 HEPA air purifiers outdated in today’s high-tech world?
    The old, dinosaur, filter-type HEPA air purifiers are very large, loud, and super expensive. But my MINI like an iPhone can fit in the palm of your hand so it can travel with you. My MINI costs a fraction of those big noisy HEPA air purifiers. Another great benefit is that there are no filters to change or purchase!
  • Why can’t HEPA methods remove the most dangerous indoor air pollution?
    Unlike HEPA my MINI does not use filters to just trap. pollutants, it literally restores the air while destroying viruses, mold, and germs. Allergists tell us that the worst pollutants like mold and viruses indoors can cause serious respiratory, allergy, and asthma problems, even death. These can come from 1) ammonia, cleaning supplies, and tobacco smoke; 2) Toxic chemicals are emitted into our breathing space from paint, carpet, drapes, and upholstery; 3) formaldehyde from particleboard products, furniture, wallpaper glues, new carpet, and drapes; 4) hydrocarbons from gas burners, furnaces, and tobacco smoke; My Mini effectively removes all of these VOC toxins by oxidation just like in nature.
  • Why do health practitioners label MOLD as the most dangerous indoor pollutant?
    Mold grows best in dark damp and warm environments such as those found in HVAC, basements, or concrete foundations. The worst buildup takes place inside your HVAC air conditioning condensation where it can produce dangerous mold and send mold spores spewing throughout your living area. HVAC ductwork is truly the lungs of your home, it's critical to continuously disinfect it using my Mini to keep it mold-free. Mold is proven to cause serious health issues the worst types can be linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s. Mold spores can fill your breathing air without your knowledge and be deadly. My MINI continuously saturates our breathing air with mold-killing missiles. Mold can be found in all types of porous materials throughout homes and businesses. Musty-smelling basements are a result of mold growth. My MINI purifier will turn a musty basement into a fresh-smelling, usable area within hours and keep it that way. This also holds true for vehicles, boats, cabins, and hotel rooms.
  • Why are thousands of pet owners, rental property managers, and homes crazy about this powerful technology that even removes embedded odors where purifier methods cannot?
    Odors are caused by bacteria, decomposed insects, dead mice, cigarettes, cigars, pets, human feces, urine, and spicy cooking. These odors then seep into porous items like furniture, drywall, particle board, fabric, and carpeting. My super-effective MINI literally penetrates and oxidizes these embedded odors, pet owners rave about the almost immediate removal of odors. My MINI is used by rental property owners and realtors nationwide to help sell homes by removing nasty odors that were not removable before. Users testify that worst smelling musty basements smell fresh within just hours. Customers testify they would never have believed the results if they had not personally experienced the super effectiveness of my “new” MINI purification power.
  • Why can’t HEPA filtration systems purify indoor air or destroy dangerous air pollutants?
    Regardless of its size or cost, HEPA or any other filtration system can purify your air or destroy infectious microbial pollutants. Filters only trap air pollutants. All filter type purifiers start to CLOG instantly causing them to lose critical CFM Clean Air Delivery (CADR). The most dangerous indoor pollutants are nanoscale size including viruses too small for a HEPA to trap. But worse, HEPA air purifiers are dependent on pulling air to it to filter it. They are not efficient enough to pull many of the pollutants into the air to bring them to the filter. Even worse HEPA purifiers can create a warm bed environment where infectious mold and microbes can incubate and multiply. Overfull HEPA filters overflow due to “not changed regularly” can blow the pollutants right back into our breathing spaces, they also cannot remove any VOC toxins or odors embedded in surfaces. HEPA filters not changed regularly can start to stink and become much less efficient due to the pores becoming clogged. Changing filters can be hazardous to your health due to infectious germs, bacteria, and viruses trapped in the filters can still be alive and possibly infect you. My new MINI destroys 100 of the worst air pollutants HEPA air purifiers cannot.
  • Tell us more about negative oxygen ions generated by SafeAir™ to produce health benefits?
    Scientific medical studies have shown negative ions are essential to air vitamins needed for enhanced brain function.” Humans were created to live in a healthy outdoor environment, not in sick-sealed indoor spaces. Negative ions produce better brain function, restful sleep, alertness, and energy. Negative ions are not produced indoors as in nature. The balance of ions in nature is 300 positives to 400 negatives per cubic centimeter and is incredibly important to our optimal well-being. As soon as you close your windows and doors, the negative ions in your home are greatly depleted and need to be electronically generated. We know that all humans and pets sleep better with an open window. My SafeAir™ MINI generates nature’s fresh air filled with ions which provide a more restful sleep like sleeping outdoors.
  • Can the SafeAir™ Mini be used in cars, trucks, RVs, or boats?
    Absolutely. My new MINI NOW includes an 8ft long USB cable, just plug it into your car, truck, boat, motorhome, or at workstations in offices. With the use of the USB, you can remove the stink from your gym bags, boots, closets and so much more. When driving, my MINI protects you from exhaust fumes linked to lung cancer. It also helps you from falling asleep at the wheel.
  • Recap the “super” benefits & savings compared to other popular types of air purifiers?
    HEPA is not only ineffective; their heavy and loud filter system can cost $1,500.00 HEPA requires regular expensive filters which can cost many times the initial cost. HEPA air purifiers do not destroy viruses, bacteria, germs, or odors. My micro-sized MINI is my 4th generation model that outperforms all types of purifiers My Mini is a fraction of the cost of 99% of air purifiers and is more effective. Today’s worldwide pandemic woke us up to the dangers of infectious viruses, knowing my MINI destroys infectious viruses, bacteria, mold, and germs from air & surfaces provides peace of mind like no HEPA systems can. My MINI disinfects surfaces providing unparalleled protection against pathogens. My MINI even removes embedded odors in fabrics and surfaces. It destroys 100 of the worst pollutants and odors than the outdated HEPA purifiers, It fits in the palm of your hand like your iPhone. To operate you plug it into a wall socket or use my long USB cord for multi-use jobs You can now use it in your car, boat, motorhome, or office with a long USB cord. It runs virtually silent with no expensive filters to replace. You simply plug it in and forget it. My SafeAir™ MINI Air Purifier costs $139 and much less on sale or when you bundle Most of us can afford to have one in every room for less than the cost of a HEPA Purifier. Check out our introductory savings that are available today. Learn more or take my SafeAir™ MINI Challenge at I personally guarantee that you will be thrilled. If you’re not thrilled, return it for a full refund in 60 days.
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