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Destroys and Removes the Most Dangerous Indoor Pollutants HEPA and Others Don't

As the official U.S. Distribution and Service Center for all Airdog Products, we're excited to present Airdog's patented TPA technology that features the World’s ONLY TPA washable and non-clogging filtration technology that is lab certified to destroy and remove all infectious viruses such as COVID-19 and Influenza to 99.9% 20Xs smaller than HEPA at 0.3microns.  

AirDog X Series


Going far beyond the limits of traditional HEPA and outdated technology, Airdog® patented, and (non-clogging) washable filter technology has the power to not only remove but to destroy the most dangerous nanoscale pollutants by 99.9% such as toxins, mold, and viruses, including influenza and COVID-19. Today Airdog is trusted by a million users in homes, businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities throughout the world.

Purifies Spaces Up to 800 Square Feet

Purifies Spaces Up to 1500 Square Feet 

Purifies Spaces Up to 3000 Square Feet

Certified Anti Virus Clean Air Protection Patent

Protect Your Home & Business with Airdog

Airdog’s patented technology is the choice of premium institutions such as Texas A&M University and is trusted by over one million users in businesses, homes, schools, and medical facilities to create healthier indoor air for their customers, students, ​staff, and guests. Ready to join the fight against COVID-19 and other viruses? Our experts are here to help guide you through the process from A-Z and find the solutions that are best for your facility.


Our health and our overall wellbeing depend greatly on indoor air quality. Every day, we breathe air polluted by smoke, odors, bacteria, and viruses that can all contribute to allergies and illnesses. Airdog can help you breathe cleaner and live healthier by removing pollutants that can fester throughout your breathing space and potentially put your health at risk. 

AirDog X3 Top
Inside of AirDog

Beyond traditional HEPA technology that only collects pollutants, Airdog® world patented TPA® Technology is lab certified as the most effective clean air disinfecting solution on the market today. Airdog® not only collects but destroys the most dangerous indoor air pollutants by 99.9% such as mold, bacteria, viruses & allergens down to .0146 microns in size 20xs smaller than Hospital HEPA at 300 microns.

Breathe Different with Airdog's patented TPA Technology - tested to be the most effective and safe air solution on the market by not just trapping, but DESTROYING even the worst air pollutants; such as the infectious bacteria and viruses that can travel to your lungs and make you sick! 

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Kills Viruses

Removes Influenza, COVID-19, and other biological contaminants.


Destroys particles down​ to ​14.6 nanometers in size.

Outperforms HEPA

Unique filtration design not only collects but destroys airborne pollutants. 

Whisper Quiet

Operates nearly 6 times quieter ​than other purifiers on the market.

Waste Free Design

Requires no expensive filter replacements - simply wash and reuse!

Built in AQI Sensor

Test the real-time indoor air quality of your space with an easy to read built-in sensor


Tested and proven, Airdog's patented TPA Technology not only eliminates the common influenza virus but has also been tested and proven* to also destroy the novel Coronavirus by a rate of 99.02% in just 30 seconds, making Airdog a top choice for homes, businesses, and facilities.

See the Lab Results here.

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AirDog X5_PreFilter

Pre-Filter Screen

AirDog X5 Catalytic Filter

Catalyst Filter

AirDog X5 Wire Frame

Emitter Wire Frame

AirDog X5 Remote

(For AirDog x5 Only)

AirDog Collecting Plates

Collecting Plates
(New - Fast Drying Style)

AirDog Smoke Chart

For a typical HEPA air purifier, lab researchers have quantified that the smoke equal to 45 cigarettes would yield failure. ​To add some perspective, after about 10x more cigarettes, Airdog's cleaning capacity only drops -0.2%! That means Airdog can take 10x more smoke and stay 50x stronger in cleaning capacity.

Patented Airdog™ Air Purifier Destroys Infectious Germs & Viruses in Your Home


Expensive and outdated HEPA filters simply trap particles inside their costly filters. These pollutants can often escape back into the air, making your expensive purifier and filter virtually useless.  Airdog's washable collecting plate solves this problem by creating an easy-to-clean system that is safe and effective, and saves you some money, too! Simply eject Airdog's collecting plate and wash with warm water and dish detergent, or put it in the top rack of your dish washer on a low heat setting.

AirDog Dishwasher Safe


Do you know? HEPA is made of the same material as plastic bags. One HEPA filter equals to at least 1000 plastic bags. Airdog® is a washable air purifier, say NO to the wasteful HEPA filters! With our reusable, easy clean collecting plates, you will save time, money, and our planet with our energy-efficient and WASTE-FREE design.    


Airdog® TPA technology 1st destroys then collects the most dangerous nanoscale size infectious pollutants


Airdog Non-Porous washable filter in the same comparison lost .02 efficiency “which is virtually no loss in cleaning efficacy”


Patented Airdog® graphene washable filter does not require replacement filters (saves 100s of dollars over its life use)


Airdog® is up to 8 times quieter than HEPA, Super Energy Efficient operating on 30 watts less than 3 pennies a day


Airdog® does not use outdated problematic filters it destroys infectious mold bacteria and viruses


Airdog’s patented TPA technology is an active, not passive filtration technology. It generates a safe high voltage electric field to electrify and destroy the most harmful particles and collects them on the easy-to-wash collecting plates. Airdog® ensures that clean air is the norm rather than a luxury. Its 3 layers of Washable Filters value equates to zero dollars in running cost while eliminating up to 99.9% of Harmful Particles, 99.9% of PM 2.5, and 99% of Chemical Toxins in the air it cleans


Our Advanced “Patented purifiers are being used in 1,000s of schools, Cabs UBERS Limos emergency rooms, medical facilities restaurants, and over a million homes worldwide. Airdog® is proven to destroy 99.9% of INFECTIOUS VIRUSES and all allergens from the air we breathe. Our Lab Certified testing proves that Airdog® destroys and removes the most dangerous pollutants 20Xs smaller than HEPA at 0.3 microns compared to  0146 microns. To be clear, that is multiple times smaller than HEPA can collect. Airdog® works with SMART  virus killing technology complete with built-in IAQ (indoor air quality) monitoring indoor air pollution


HEPA Type Filters only purifiers only capture and collect pollutants it does not destroy them


HEPA filters CLOG up instantly losing critical CFM/CADR. Lab Test Prove compared to Airdog® confirms efficiency dropped 50%


HEPA replaceable filters are expensive (in 5 years it can cost more for replacement filters than the initial cost)


HEPA requires large loud energy-sucking motors in some cases could cost $1/day to operate


HEPA Filters have a dark damp warm interior the perfect environment that literally promotes mold, odors, and bacteria


HEPA is an outdated passive World War11 that has problem-plagued passive filters that only collect and do not kill the infectious viruses


HEPA is the best passive filter type however the smaller the pores the faster it plugs up and instantly starts to drop CADR (clean air delivery rate)


“IN ORDER TO CLEAN THE AIR YOU MUST MOVE THE AIR” even worse Passive HEPA  filters are warm beds that literally incubate infectious microbial and worse mold inside the dark damp and warm filter bed. HEPA is rated at 0.3 micron or 300Nm AIrdog® TPA technology removes extremely small nanoscale size pollutants to 14.6Nm size. It is known that the smaller the pollutant the worse effects it can have on our respiratory system.


Airdog® TPA technology is by far the lowest cost green filterless solution. Over 5 years of use HEPA could cost "5X times more than air dog for replacement filters dollar a day energy cost, worse HEPA is 8Xs louder and eventually stink. 

AirDog X5 Lifestyle

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