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Our Founder Inventor Toth is owner and operator of the Toth's Healthy Home Stores. Inventor Toth team offers a wealth of knowledge. As a retired director of new product development for 17 years; his eco-inventions have sold in excess of 2 billion in sales. The Toth Stores are famous for expert knowledge “how to make a sick home well” offering better healthier indoor living, All new products purchased include Toth’s 10 POINT Red Carpet Service $150 value “FREE”. 


Toth Stores Guarantee the Lowest Prices PLUS discounts for old vacuums traded in. Toth’s provide the area’s largest selection of vacuums, air purification, eco-cleaning products plus detergent free laundry systems with 100 years of product knowledge and expert repairs.


Stop in CHECK OUT Inventor Toth new healthy home products including his NEW EcoWasher® Detergent-Free Laundry System & SafeAir® Purifiers VOTED #1 GREEN CLEAN “CHEMICAL FREE” APPLIANCE AWARD by Shark Tank at the International Housewares Show. 

Today, the Toth Companies eco-team oversees the entire process of “invented better” inventions from inspiration, design & manufacturing. Toth healthy living products include cost savings unique features exceeded only by the healthy benefits of improved quality of life. 


Inventor Toth’s eco-products are Lab Certified to destroy infectious viruses providing affordable clean air, toxic free laundry, germs killing solutions for the entire home, businesses, schools, healthcare, and other facilities. Today over one million users are living safer and healthier lives knowing their indoor space is protected continuously with our advanced technologies. 

Toth Stores promises excellence in knowledge & expert service ensuring optimal support for customers, businesses, and facilities that use our products. We're glad you've made it to our website and look forward to helping you discover how to improve the quality of your life today!

julius toth

"Our mission is to promote optimal innovations for a healthier living environment. We're committed to providing technology that you can trust and support that you deserve." 
- CEO and EcoInventor, Julius Toth

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